Monday, September 16, 2013

Basing - bricks tiles laying

I had always been living in Hong Kong and got used to seeing bricks road and bricks walls because of our British colonial times.  So for building miniature bases I had always wanted to use mini bricks.  These mini bricks come from PK Pro: they are real ceramics and brick and chip like real bricks.  However I would prefer them to be a bit thicker, but I guess I can always lay them flat on a horizontal surface.

So the first step is to lay down the 'cement' on the base.  I used miniput because I thought it would behave more like real cement.  To its credit it really did, but not as 'sticky'.  At the end some of the bricks fall out and I had to glue them back.

It's not easy to make it flat like this, took me forever with the sculpting knife to make them reasonably flat.  Keeping it wet though coz the wetness could keep them sticky.

Then on it's all about hard work of laying them down one by one.  I should have measured and set some kind of guidelines so that they line up better.  Since this is my first I didn't try any other alternative patterns. Chipping them into smaller bits can be tricky. I ended up using model flat clipper to snap them.  The loose bits got used to fill in the little gaps between the tiles.  Pressing them down on the white stuff is kind fun.  I could have space them out better so that it look more real.  Notice I chipped some of the bricks so that it appear more convincing.

 And it's done.  It look convincing but it does look a bit boring,I could have thrown a broken tile or cracked ones in to make it appear more realistic.  But this is my first so I guess it turns out ok.  Thanks for reading.

Here is an alternative designed I made, haven't decided on which mini could use this though...

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