Sunday, October 2, 2011

Secret Weapon Wash as glaze medium

I had been doing this for priming, using Hard Body Black with GW or Reaper foundations, this time I used it as glaze medium.

Wanted to tell everyone that this wash is good not just as a suspension wash, the wash itself is also very good as a medium.

here we have a few drops of water and a few drops of wash

The we add tip the paint into the droplets, this is what happens with water.
see they don't really mix
and here is how if we do the same with the wash
see how the paint got evenly spread out, even without stirring

I did the following for most of my blue team mini, blue wash with paint, these are the shots

See how the surface tension of water is not broken if mixed with paint
(granted that's not primed surface)
With paint added you can get some interesting color there and give better coverage than just wash.

The following is done with red

A is paint with wash
B is paint with water
C is Citadel wash
best thing Citadel wash is that it is a solution, and it sinks pretty well, but it tends to stain up the surface as well
again notice how the water thin paint still pulled itself together into a droplet.


  1. I love the idea of using these washes as a glazing medium, but you can do something similar (and rather cheaper) using off-the-shelf bulk materials. Basically, these washes are made of matte medium, flow release and distilled water. What you can do is get some liquitex matte medium, liquitex flow release. Mix flow release with distilled water in 1:10 (10 water) ratio, and then mix that with matte medium in 1:1 ratio. To make a wash just add waterproof acrylic ink to your liking, or use the mix as neutral glaze medium (or just get liquitex glaze medium and mix it 1:1 with distilled water :))

  2. Thanks for the comment ^^
    yea I followed the making of these wash since the Awesome paintjobs days, and yea it's kind of expensive when I use this as a medimum, but it's not that easy for me to store these chemical at home since I got a little kid and she might pilled them...


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