Monday, September 2, 2013

S09 Might Makes Right - Zombicide game play report

This mission had always been hard for me.  I tried a couple of times and failed.  What made this scenario difficult, to name but a few:
  • It's a small 2x2 tiles map, there's not much space for maneuvering
  • if someone dies, the mission is a fail
  • there are four objectives, three of them give you one more survivor, one of them is a blank and doesn't give you a survivor
  • newly added survivor doesn't carry anything in hand, and starts at zero experience point
  • you start with 3 survivors and it's a small map, kill count climbs up really fast 
So after a couple of try with one survivors and failing very fast, I tried again with three.  I picked Wanda for her speed and Josh to slip around to get the objectives.  I also picked my newly painted Claudia so the melee support as I thought the zombies would get close really fast.

A group shot before anyone got hurt
We rushed to the police car to search for weapons.  We got the 'arrgh' card and zombies popped up, it wasn't easy and the weapons drawn were not that good either.

Our luck improved as we rescued Dakota in the first house.  Much thanks to Josh's slippery skill.  The survivor rescued is random, I throw two dices and just count in the tray to see who got picked.  As it turns out she was very helpful.
In the bathroom stood Dakota,  she slipped into her evening wear and signaled her readiness
Moving to the second house took a lot longer than I thought, the path was packed with zombies and they advance from both sides too.  I got lucky that I didn't get the Abomination card and only one or two runner pops up
Getting crowded

Seems like there is a discussion between the dead
Yes in this world, there are kid zombies too
The second objective is again not the blank and Ivy turns up.  She proves to be a good supporting ranged attack with her sniper skill.  Too bad I can't give her the rifle and she missed a lot of shots during the game.

I was lucky again with the second last objective marker, Kim turns up or else she would have to escape from the north east house, which is the spot furthest away from the exit point.  At zero experience and no weapon that would be very difficult.
Greeting Claudia in the small room is Kim
But for Josh getting in there and getting out is just a walk in the park for him.  After he got the objective market in the North West house (Ivy) he just slipped pass the crowd in the main street, got into the house and arrived in the room with the marker.  His escape was equally easy.
Josh just slipped past the crowd and walked right to the objective
Near the end Dakota did a lot of killing by pulling in the crowded with her Taunt skill and 6 dices killing with her pair of sub-machine guns. 

And so we won, for the first time since I got the game I passed this mission.  

MVP of this mission:  Dakota
That was a recent second attempt at the same mission.  I had an earlier attempt but failed because I got the mission objective wrong.  but if you are interested, here's a serious of short clips of how the game went.  Enjoy.

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