Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Terezinya - 2nd WIP shots

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

C&C 54mm limited edition Tesla Trooper

This guy is very heavy
painting a 54mm is an entirely different exercise, for one thing, one drop of paint is never enough
I can get away with a lot of washing and dry brushing because of the larger surfaces
Not too happy with the OSL but I had a go... oh well.
the rest is okay, I think, I should learn to decide on what material I want to paint the parts in earlier on.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Primed, washed and a bit of skin base coat

Primed, washed and a bit of skin base coat
The wash is really to test if my prime spray is too thick, I think this time I had overdone a bit...
The skin base coat is just to make sure if her skins are smooth enough

The sword and the handle is a bit bent, but I see that happening on others too so I am not too concerned
the two skull on the sword are a bit odd, oh well...


Terezinya [Reaper] prep stage

The shipment finally arrived, to save a few bucks I had someone brought them to me instead.  Turns out the paints, being liquid, made the airport ppl cut away all the tab locks of the suitcases...

Anyway, she is the mini Terezinya (Reaper 02826) by Werner Klocke. 
Again, another beautiful mini from Werner, love his work, some issue with the face/head to body proportion as well, but I like this style

after a bit of sanding and cleaning flash lines, I need to remove section of the base
In hindsight I could have just cut into the resin base instead of cutting the metal base that come with her
but then again the left sandal really stands out now. 
I did something stupid with the pinning, I should have pinned it right at the center of her leg
oh well lesson learned 

 now there's a small gap between the mini and the base

green stuff

Done, ready for priming

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It is now posted to CMON :)

yea I know, it's her again, I'd get around to paint new ones....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gypsy [Freebooter] - Last set of WIP shots

  • since i probably wont have any more time for her this is might be the last few wip shots.
  • I could have done a few more fixing on the face but it is a bit late now. so from this one on i spend even more time on preping. hope these regrets and time wastes wont happen again for the next one.
  • another mistake is that the groves or inner folds are not so well painted. this has to do with the base coating stage. there are bits there that are still metal...
  • handling could have been better too. she broke off the base once an had to be glued back on, i took away too much want clearing her off the base so i had to do some almost impossible pining...
  • the inner folds of the dress could have been smoother too. same as the face preping issue.
  • as for good thing i think the eye shadow is a nice touch. the left eye is spot on i think.
  • the grey scale painting + glazing seems to work.
  • and this is going to be a gift :)

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