Friday, September 10, 2010


another work in progress, I'd be using a face for one of the chaos warriors. Last night I tried to use 'wash' but ended up I felt that it takes too long to get the mix/dilution right so probably I'd be buying some black wash from the shop later today... the picture here shown the face, yes it's about the size of a grain of rice.

added to the 90% complete dark elf executioners, 95% complete chaos lord, 2% started cold one

Thursday, September 9, 2010

swords up!

Another major step last night was to give these guys their sword, I think I did pretty well so far but I think the small parts are going to kill me.
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Trying to do basing for the first time, I think I did ok. The hardest part is to get the size of the sands (or 'rocks') right. So I had grinded them up a bit using pilers. Then added a first layer, painted with dark brown, drip watered glue on it so they settle, then dunk it into the sand box with two differnt sized sands. So now the top layer is not painted. I ended up needed to cut small the metal base of it so that it can fit into the empty space that I had set for it. So taht wasted a bit of time too.
Yes it is appear to be standing on the side on the based because I will be adding a small fellow to the figure, kinda like a 'familiar' to the guy.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Another first for me is making the base of the figure into a ground like stand. I think the debris I got is a bit too big so I grinded them smaller using a piler. These are the set with the colorful scheme. As someone mentioned that it looks like the color of 'Snoopy' so I made the color of the hair a bit darker now. (not shown here)
so there's still lots of small gaps with the joint, so I need to put in a lot of putty (new stuff). As I was doing that the scent of it really brings me back to my secondary school days. After I let it dry for a bit of time I primed it.

This time around I want this to be a better piece, given all the practices I think I can do a better job than the rest of them. This time, for example, instead of just using black as prime I had used brown and silver. I had been using 'dry-brush' to paint the black armor bits.

my first mod project

The box set comes with two out-stretched hand, one holding an axe and another one holding a sword. I used the axe hand in making the leader of axe-hammer guy, so I am left with a good sword hand option. The thing about this model is that the shoulder and hands are in a funny position to start with. So even with the original one (Axe) the arm look a bit funny. After about an hour of chipping away the shoulder I finally got it together.

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