Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Astrid - repainted for the love of the hobby - part 3

not a lot of progress with this shot... to the untrained eye perhaps. I am very happy with the details I picked out this time around, the hardest part is perhaps the strings that run down the center of her body.  it was mostly done with wash and very tiny lines of highlights. Good experience.

Still nervous about missing out on highlighting her, I did quick dry brushing on the brown parts so that I'd remember to do highlights.  In hindsight this actually would have helped if I had used a even lighter color for the dry brushing, this is because I thin down my paint a lot and the black/dark-white contrast actually shows through.

The face looks a bit flat because I haven't done anything to it yet.  I had been busy for a while, when I am tired I won't have good control of the brush.

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