Sunday, December 15, 2013

Assembly, Tales of War Kenjiro WIP

Hi everyone

Let's look at the current stage photo before listening to me talking about the tough stages that I went through.

So what happened is that when I put his arms to his body there are huge gaps between them.  The left arm is easy cause it really is just a gap, but for the right arm there's an entire bit missing: I ended up sculpted his elbow with green stuff, look a bit odd but I don't think people would have suspected it.  The second photo is a monochrome shot because I wanted to see if the sculpt is smooth enough.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Base-coating, Tales of War Kenjiro WIP

Finally got my mood around to continue painting the guy. Done the eyes with GW Black wash as it was so tiny. Need to put in a little bit of white for a sharper gaze though, else the close up will look bad. The muscle tone now actually looks very flat as I had only done it with one color now, good that the air-brush base paint helped with bringing out the contrast.

The best feature is perhaps his ... pants? very nice effect done by air brush. Butter pictures later.

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