Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Sonico arrived~~

introducing the new member to my figure collection: Super Sonico. Not quite as adorable as Yotsuba, she is just as cute and a lot more prettier.  This Figma figure comes with 2 head options (hoodie hat on or off) and 3 face options.  It also got 4 sets of hand options that fit with different posts.  The stand is made up of two poles so she can be lifted and doesn't really need to stand with her own feets.

Although she might got some good curves her story (Comics and TV Anime) is innocent enough: a uni student who part time as model and got her own band (with two other girls).

So hopefully she can really spicy up my entries.  Stay tuned~~

Monday, January 26, 2015

Super Sonico - new mascot for the next diorama

Hi everyone.

There had been some changes to my life so I haven't paint nor blog for a long while.

Next up, I'd finish up my zombie dio and start a new project, along side with doing my last two commission paint jobs for my friend.

First up, introducing Super Sonico, the mascot to make my entries a bit more interesting! I am getting the Figma version of her so she will be just as animated as ever.  Previousely, I had Yotsuba which yield me very good attention and hit rates.

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