Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting red, Reaper KS Urban Legend Sophie WIP

I love painting red, I guess that had something to do with being Chinese.  To us red means good fortune, we use a lot of red in celebratory events such as wedding and new years.  I guess painting has a lot to do with what we see in our daily life and that affect what we try to re-create by painting.

Tonight it's all about painting red on.  I had to paint the 'bone' on the back fenders first so that I can get to the gaps between the bones and the fenders better.  One thing that I learned while painting is that sometimes it's better to do the little bits first before painting the larger area that the bit is based on.

As shown the air-brushing really pays off now, I am using very thin paint and the light/dark base coat can help with setting the lightness/darkness of the paint I put on. The bone part was done with GW Bleached Bone as the base coat, followed by Repear's Khaki Shadow (09121) and GW Black Wash, and highlighted with very thin Repear's Khaki Highlight (09123).

Very happy with how the air-brushed base shown through with my very thin paint.  So the next part is to push the highlight even close to white, I'd very likely be using my air-brush again, but we'd see. Had a bit of thought about the wings there when painting the gas tank, I guess gold is the default color as it would look good on  red, but I am thinking bone color or brown might work too... but I guess the wing has to kind of match the style of her boots, which got wing like ornaments  on them.

The boots aren't as well done as I would have expected.  The contrast on the boot isn't too good to start with and I made a mess when applying blue wash to the shades (I put too much).  So I guess in the next round I'd need to put on more red to the shading area.

[[[ SHE IS DONE: ]]]
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