Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zombicide - basing the zombies

When I first played Zombicide the first thing I notice was that it is hard to fit all the zombies into one zone, and when all six survivors are together in the same zone it makes it hard to fit in more zombies there.

Plus, the base are a bit too big (at that time, I thought) for the zombies, and because it is so big, the covered most of the excellent art work of the game board.

So I got the idea of replacing the base with clear transparent base from Zombiesdash forum. After a few search I found Litko.

Excellent product, the discs are very transparent and it is tough.  Lucky that I got a power hobby drill coz it is impossible to drill on it using a hand drill.  Sometimes I just use super glue to stick the zombies on them, but for heavier ones (ie the metal ones) or bigger zombies (eg fatty and abmoniation) I'd leave some bit of extra plastic/ metal on the zombies to be use as a peg and fit into the hole I drill on the disc.
they are made so precisely they can almost fit together into a solid rod

See how transparent they are?

This is how they look when used as base for zombies.
nice isn't it

more samples, the base is almost invisible
To distinguish the runners and survivors I had used thicker blue discs.

However since Zombicides are pushing out more types of zombies I guess I won't be using these thick base fro them anymore and would reserve them for Survivors.  I had got some 'clear' blue paint that could give the clear transparent disc a blue tint, which should work too.


Litko Game Accessories


  1. Love the idea! I might just be copying this one...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What diameter of disc did you choose?

  4. they are 20mm disc from
    LITKO Game Accessories


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