Sunday, September 1, 2013

10,000 hits! & limited edition Reaper Kickstarter Urban Legend Sophie (unboxing)

**YEAH!! 10,000 hits and counting!!**

Actually most of the hits are by bots and search engines, but a hit is a hit and I am happy that I made 10,000.  If only I can make a dollar out of every hit aye? Don't worry, AdSense will cover that.

by the way, I'd be on a two weeks trip very soon so won't be updating this for a while.

Just a bit of something related to painting, here's my very detailed review on the limited edition Reaper Sohpie that's only available to Reaper BONES KickStarter supporters.  didn't make a big deal out of it as my left hand too up most of the screen...

Since the video ain't that good in showing the details, here are some close up shots.

How she looks like with all pieces together

the wings gave her a lot more presence, which also means she needs a bigger base

some gap filling work with green stuff, may be so small plastic pieces too

It's a very clever touch, a dented area for the right leg to fit in, pinning required coz her leg will become support of the bike.

the hardest part of modeling, how to fit her hands to the steering handle
they are really far away...

mold lines on her legs

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