Monday, September 30, 2013

Painting giant wings, Reaper KS Urban Legend Sophie WIP (NSFW)

This is the first time I painted a pair of wings, not this big at least.  But I figured that it should look something like leather, and should be a bit dry having been driving across the desert.  So I again air brushed the shadows and highlights with dark grey and white, and then thin painted on deep brown and light-grey-brown on them.

The highlight was done with white pigments mixed with thin light grey-brown paint, the recesses were painted with nato black mixed brown.  One thing I learned is that the Nato Black really would eat away some of the paint if it is painted on the edge of the painted area.  more about this later.

These are the photos of  the wings being mostly done.

Then on I had to do the claws at the tips of the wings.  At this close up shots the pigments are really showing up.  After these shows I thin painted some more mid tone to smooth out the transitions.

Although the claws were hastily done I like how they turned out, it was just GW Bone paint with GW brown wash at the edges.

So finally... I put the wings on her back.  See that little shiny bits on the right? that was the bit that was stuck to the holder and it wasn't painted on.  I put on the dark brown mix but forgot that it has some Nato black mixed in, so when I did that, it eats away the edge of the painted area.  I got that fixed later on.

I'd say the base is a good choice, now that I can see her with all pieces attached.
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