Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Zombies on board

Hi guys, I am back again.

Very happy with the zombies from Studio miniature this time, the casting of some of them are a bit off, but overall they are great. Comparing to the plastics ones that comes with Zombiecide game they got a lot more details.

I got other kids to add later on, but I am still painting some of them so only one is standing against the advancing horde. It was really fun placing them on the set, best part of setting up this huge (for me) diorama.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Sonico arrived~~

introducing the new member to my figure collection: Super Sonico. Not quite as adorable as Yotsuba, she is just as cute and a lot more prettier.  This Figma figure comes with 2 head options (hoodie hat on or off) and 3 face options.  It also got 4 sets of hand options that fit with different posts.  The stand is made up of two poles so she can be lifted and doesn't really need to stand with her own feets.

Although she might got some good curves her story (Comics and TV Anime) is innocent enough: a uni student who part time as model and got her own band (with two other girls).

So hopefully she can really spicy up my entries.  Stay tuned~~

Monday, January 26, 2015

Super Sonico - new mascot for the next diorama

Hi everyone.

There had been some changes to my life so I haven't paint nor blog for a long while.

Next up, I'd finish up my zombie dio and start a new project, along side with doing my last two commission paint jobs for my friend.

First up, introducing Super Sonico, the mascot to make my entries a bit more interesting! I am getting the Figma version of her so she will be just as animated as ever.  Previousely, I had Yotsuba which yield me very good attention and hit rates.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Parker, Hasslefree miniature - Juveniles (HFA047) WIP shots

Hi everyone.

This was actually intended as a practice run for the chipping agent, but it didn't turn out well.  So jumping ahead here this is how it turns out.  See that little bit of silver near the handle, and the little scratch mark near the top, that's the Chipping medium in action.  This time around I applied too little so the effect isn't too apparent...

Photography - Camera body: Canon EOS 40D 
Photography - Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
Photo setting: 1/6s f/5.6 ISO:800
Hasslefree Miniature, Parker
I used a lot of the P3 formula medium for thinning.  Mixed with equal part of water it works very well and better than purely working with water.  With pure water the tiny pigments of the paint would sometimes got spread out to the edges and forms paint 'rings'.  With this medium the pigment is less spread out and therefore offering much easier thinning.

Citadel Foundation - Iyanden Darksun
Citadel Wash - mud
Formula p3 mixing medium
Secret Weapon wash

Yellow had always been hard for me, but I think this one turns out okay.  The base was painted with thinned Citadel Foundation mustard yellow, then high-light with a lighter yellow.  Shadow and recess area wasn't too painted as it was taken care of with air brush".  I did a zenith 'black' and white base coat with air brush.  That saved me a lot of time.

Photography - Camera body: Canon EOS 40D 
Photography - Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
Photo setting: 1/6s f/5.6 ISO:800
Hasslefree Miniature, Parker

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Random inspirations -abandon building in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

It's pretty special to have something like this standing the in heart of a busy shopping district in Hong Kong.  The building was constructed back in the 70s as a residential building.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Vallejo - chipping medium (part 2), step by step with acrylic top coat

Hi everyone,

So it appears that product based or brand based posts attract a lot of hits, so to get more hits I will try to do more of these step by step - not that I am good enough to do instructions of how to use a product, but I think it would be useful for people who are considering getting their hands on these products.


Camera specificaiton: LG G3 Rear Camera, 13mb pix

Step 1 : Buy it

Jumping a head here, the 17ml bottle goes for about USD5 is well worth the price.  Very easy to use and easy to control, a lot easier than salting.  One try of this could give you a very good idea on how it works.  I recommend using air-brush to apply the medium, but if you don't have an air-brush, just remember to keep it thin when you are applying it.  (Remember to use a clean brush though.)

Simple step to use this is:
- paint the surface to make it look like rusted metal
- apply medium
- paint the top coat
- apply water so that the medium will melt away
- chip the top coat with tissue paper or cotton tip

AV (Vallejo)
Chipping Medium

Step 2: build your model

It's very hard to get plastic model kits to match with my 30mm miniatures: the size never really quite match.  Plus, it's very expensive to get accessories that are designed for 30mm, besides, each manufacturer made their miniatures a little different anyway.  1:35 or 1:48 is pretty much the closest, cheapest models that I can find.  This kit was meant for populating transport vehicles, and I bought it for my Zombicide game to be used as objectives.

Allied Vehicles Accessory Set

Step 3: prime it

Again on the topic of going cheap, the spray on primer from Mr Hobby is cheaper than the one form Tamiya.  Plus, I had some bad experience with Tamiya primer: the result is too rough, not smooth and a lot of small grins on the surface.  

Mr. Hobby
Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000
 170ml Spray 

Step 4: base rusted metal color

The idea of chipping is to chip away the top coat of paint to reveal the metal underneath. Rusting, therefore should come after the metal is revealed and after long exposure to air and moist .


But to save time, I painted the whole thing brown and applied a lot of pigment to place that I think should rust easier: edges, middle of larger surfaces.  I was rushing a little so this isn't too well done.

Secret Weapon Wash
Vallejo Pigment

Step 4: apply the medium

Because I am not sure if these are easier to wash off, I used brush to apply the medium.  In hindsight, I could have used air-brush for this.

See actually I applied a lot of the medium on the surface, at some parts they are more like a droplet on the surface, forming a little pond.

Step 5: apply the top coat

I used water based acrylic paint because I fear that the alcohol based paint will melt away the medium.  I'd try alcohol based paint next time.

Anyway, after the medium is completely dry I air-brushed on the top coat.  Remember, it has to be VERY dry before applying the top coat.  Haven't done a good job at this because I don't use these paint for air brushing at all: they dry too slow...

Knarloc Green
Step 6: apply water

I basically just dripped water over it, but I applied very thick layer of medium so so it washed away quite a lot of the top coat.  The best thing about this is that you can get chipping with sharp edges.

And the best bit is that the chipping could happen in tiny portions, see the edge of the letters on the top of the barrel.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vallejo - chipping medium (Part 1)

I had been wanting to try this out and wondering if it is worth it to buy it online. Lucky that today i was near to the shop and found this on shelf. This is the only kind that is available here in Hong Kong.

Looking forward to try it out tonight... Perhaps I can do a step by step with it too haha.

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