Monday, November 3, 2014

Alyx, Hasslefree

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zombicide - fully painted...

When I was crazy with this game a few months back I was so into it I thought I can finish painting them all in 3 weeks.  As it turns out, and as things in real life caught up, I had just finished them all last week, ie, almost a year... haha.
It's not the best of my work, but they are done.

Still very happy with the storage.
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And am still very happy with the transparent basing.
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The glass shards are actually hard plastic glued on to it.

I used to use blue dices for them, but then on they look too similar to the survivors so I just spray painted the clear bases blue.

The extra zombies that I just can't resist, they are very good indeed.  I still got a few more being painted but those don't count as the original plastic set aye? haha
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The team of proxy survivors, not as good as I wish them to be but good enough as gaming pieces.
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The mass of them look very imposing.

I need to make those contrast happening with these light blue runners...
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Speed painting - priming

Hi everyone.

because of my craze towards Zombicide I got hold of a lot of zombies and modern days miniatures.  They had been sitting around the paint station for a long time now.  I finally pull myself together and try to get better at speed painting miniatures.

My steps:

  1. match them up with base
  2. put the bits together, base them if the mini isn't too obstructing for paint the base
  3. prime them with spray on
  4. base coat them with wash, wet-blending on the base to get to the cracks
  5. air-brush dark paints as shadows, extra layer if needed
  6. air-brush on light paints as lights, extra layer for more dramatic effect

Not exactly hyper speed but it is a lot quicker than what I used to do.

First stage is cleaning them and getting the right base for them.

 Most of them don't require much assembling except for two.  These days I am a lot better with handling green stuff now.

So I match them up with base from Secret Weapon, again, excellent product and value for money.

First I prime them with spray on primer, very easy step.  the hardest part is getting it even, not as easy when some of them mini got a lot of abstracted bits.

Then I group them up according the the stage they are at.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Painting Reaper Bones - basing

Hi everyone.  After getting this lot of BONES back in Oct last year, I had just started my first BONE.  I'd talk in length about my thoughts on it after I am finally done and got something to show for it, so let's just look at the base for now...

That's her standing there, tall and proud with her guitar.  This is the third time I paint her, the first two times I painted the metal version of this miniature, it will be interesting to see how the experience this time differ from the metal version.  The base is from Secret Weapon bag of crap, picked that up recently for an army project that I have in mind.

The base comes with a bit of defects of course, this one comes with a few large bubbles that could be easily fixed with green stuff.

Took me a while to remove the base off the miniature...

This is the first mock up of the set up.  The few weapons actually cost more than the miniature itself, that's a first for me.

Now that I am very familiar with the wet blending technique base coating the base is very easy.  Although it already looks pretty good without air-brushing, I've still done it to get the light/dark shading happening.

Air-brushing is really a super time saver, I need a better solvent for it though.  The one I am using now is said to be good for leveling the paint, so it seems to be very thin.  Although it comes out very smooth and nature, it takes a lot more 'passes' to get a solid shade...

I had actually already glued all the weapons on the base, but again not too happy with the result so far.  Will get some better pictures to show what I meant.

Monday, February 17, 2014

20,000+ hit! and Wyrd's Bishop

Hi everyone and yes, this little blog got more than 20,000 hits! Much thanks to a few SEO tricks even with such little updates these few months the blog still got a lot of random hits.

Haven't painted for a long time, not that I stopped entirely but more because I haven't been too pleased with the results I got lately.  This is Bishop from Wyrd.

Comparing to the box art my Bishop is very dark and there isn't enough high lights. The air brushing shadow and light technique could only bring me this far and I think I should do less with it. 

I felt that his left shoulder is a bit too big, but I guess that's the thing about sculpting by hand instead of computer 3D sculpting, there'd always be little things that didn't quite go well.  These days wyrd had moved towards plastic and 3D sculpting, and their art work changed a lot too.  Not such a bad thing though their new miniatures are less attractive to me now.

The base came from Secret Weapon miniatures, it's a resin base.  Got this from 'bag of crap' purchase.  It got a lot of details and the stone textures are very convincing.

The one part that I am happy with is perhaps his shoulder plate, where I managed to get out the fine gap between the two plates, and all the nails on the rim. The hand I thin was nicely painted too, can't say much about the rest of him though.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bombshell Miniatures - Wu Ling Shu

Hi everyone!

Haven't been painting a lot really, but since this is a commission I made time for her.  Haven't done anything fancy with the pictures though... anyhow it was fun painting, especially nice painting a good sculpt like this one.

A two pieces miniature from Bombshell Miniatures.  Good thing about her is that she got a really good face and the proportion was done right.  Bad thing is that the clothing isn't too right: the cloak on the back didn't really work, and the bandages on the hand is a bit odd.  but none the less the face is really outstanding.

She is really easy to paint, one regret is that I could have gone for a much higher contrast with my first coat with air brush: the contrast on the face isn't too obvious.  The rest is fine though.

See how the belt is outside of cloths? I can't figure how this would appear in real life...

Compare to a miniature from Tales of War, they are roughly the same scale.  but I guess because of the style the guy followed he looks a bit bigger than her.  Nonetheless they make a really good couple.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Assembly, Tales of War Kenjiro WIP

Hi everyone

Let's look at the current stage photo before listening to me talking about the tough stages that I went through.

So what happened is that when I put his arms to his body there are huge gaps between them.  The left arm is easy cause it really is just a gap, but for the right arm there's an entire bit missing: I ended up sculpted his elbow with green stuff, look a bit odd but I don't think people would have suspected it.  The second photo is a monochrome shot because I wanted to see if the sculpt is smooth enough.

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