Friday, August 27, 2010

2010 08 24 23:34

So these two are the other flag bearers. As the box set only comes with 2 flags for the purple one i only put up the Chaos sign on the top of the pole... the person that this figure represent is not much of a 'flag' bearer anyway.... sigh.

2010 08 24 - 02:06

The axe-hammer guys leader. This one looks awesome with his axe hand stretched forward. The trouble with this guy is the the joints or the edges of the parts don't exactly match with the rest of the body, so when the arm is in there's a gap between the parts. So I bought some modeling putty to fill in the gaps. good putty really, too fast to dry though.
Good thing that they comes with options of an axe or sword. Actually there's a sword arm that looks like it but I can't make another one because the back has a craved out shoulder space. Anyhow the idea for this guy is that he needs to lead, but not really a flag bearer.

2010 08 22 03:06

The Axe and hammer guys were done. The idea is that the person that these guy represent (yes, each of these figure represent a real person) are very good at attacking, and doing bigger damages and are good at clearing the path, but they are not too good at defending themselves. While the three swordsmen might do smaller damage, they can help with defending. Notice the capes are slightly different as I had used silver + black paint for them. It was actually a test of such mix. Their armor is a bit more 'worn' too, representing their experience in battles.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My first miniature painting - Warriors of Chaos Regiment

So I began my painting game, this is the first two sets I have got. I felt a bit overwhelming when I unbox it and saw that everything is in grey, lots and lots of small parts, and the metal one was also a bit off putitng as some of its pointy bits are bent.

anyway, didn't do much on the first night as I still haven't got the boxes to contain all the tools and paints. Paints included the start up cost me about HKD1k

First step is to 'prime' the figures, I did this my idly painting all of them in black, that turned out to be a mistake as for some of the parts that I want to paint with light color, black base is very hard to cover up. Then I started to think of how to make them look like metal and look more realistic. Turns out that I can paint the edges in silver, casually and crudely so it looks as though they had been through battles. I did that lightly for this one and took me a long while. As I went on it became much easier.

So this was my first failed attempt. The intent was to make 2 white units but I ended up learned that it's very hard to use pure white. From then on I didn't use pure white at all and won't prime the white parts with black. I ended up wasted a lot of time washing the paint off these guys. Turn out that alcohol works. Also I now only very light grey by mixing grey with white. I think it's the white paint's fault, for the large part at least.

This is the fist guy that I had completed, it was fun seeing it in full color.

This is the second guy that I made. Back then it seems to me that making the cape entirely white is simple impossible at my skill level, so I made it looks like an oil cloth. The hardest part is to make the brown color and to paint the claw at the chest.

The flag was easy as I had learned much from trying to paint the capes in white, so this time around I just give up on white and mixed a light grey. Back then no one told me that actually the white paint was either 'washed' on or layers or very light grey. So that is the first set of guys with a leader.

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