Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sela - cutlass, gun and a monkey - part 5

So this is where I left her, I will be busy with other projects...
the eye of the monkey continues to be a problem, I guess the best way might be to darken the monkey face so that the eye pop? dunno, don't have time to try that.
To do, the metal parts, the belts, etc.... some day...


  1. Already great brushwork on a lovely figurine!
    I agree that for the time being the *homogeneous* monkey's face looks disturbingly human; less a matter of eyes, seemingly, that because no part of the face looks 'bald'?

  2. yea so does it mean that I need to give the face more contrast?


    That is what I had in mind... perhaps I can go back and make his face more pale


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