Monday, September 30, 2013

Painting line of highlway, Reaper KS Urban Legend Sophie WIP

Thanks to a guy on the Reaper Forum, I got the idea of putting a white line on the base, because most of the roads got that.  I did some research on what highways in the desert suppose to look like, or how would one expect it to look like, so I can make it looks more convincing, and yep, I need markings.  But for the size of the base I guess I can only add a white line to the right of the bike, ie between the pavement and the off road area.... but that it might make the right side too 'busy' with too much visual elements.... And this is how it turns out.

Not too far from the actual road across the desert I'd say.

This is something of a first for me so I don't really know how to get the shading right.  Putting in a white line is easy enough though: I used white weathering pigments mixed with water.  I had sprayed on some varnish on the based before hand so it now got a nice 'bumpy' service for the pigments to hold on to.

The part near the edge needs a bit of work though, I guess I'd do some photoshoping to get an idea of how it should look like, as in how the line near the edge got darker to show the 'spot light effect' in the middle.

As shown here her bike is slight off the the line, ie, off the road a little bit.  That was actually half of an accident as I haven't thought of this until I got the sands in place.  What I should have done is to do a mock up like I did for Kathy so that everything are in the right place before getting this far.  Oh well, lesson learned.

[[[ SHE IS DONE: ]]]

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