Thursday, March 31, 2011

elegant minis

always love doing elegant minis, in particular victorian steam punk
style ones, this one is a free booter... I think I should prep this
too...? learning from the master assis experience I better prime and a
bit of base paint this before gluing and pinning it together....

Another mini that had stood for a long while

As lovely and cute she is, i still can't figure out a good color scheme for her. The box art version is just too hard. Tinking of doing yellow-gold and purple? Hmmm

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CoolMiniOrNot: A comment has been left about Torpe

Rating: 6
"Very nicely done but I think you need to touch up on his left eye and also the wood on the gun barrels seem to be the same colour as what you have used on his leather bits. Possibly go abit lighter on the leather as a more well worn out look to it. keep on painting ;)"

Drilling and Pinning

doesn't really have the mood to start new ones and doesn't wanna do another free booter mini, so I pulled out the reapers ones and did all these... last night I had been drilling and pinning, one of them is a fail coz the arm bit was chipped. oh well. eproxy can fix that, am thinking of getting miniput...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I think for the next few days I will mostly be preparing minis, as I need to use eproxy to fill in the gaps I rather do it in one go coz everytime i do that I ended up wasted a lot of it... or perhaps I really should wait until the next shippment arrive and do those too? hmmmm not that I care about those eproxy, just that I felt it's a bit of a waste....

ar... guy with a flamming bird

I think there's a real cool name and back story to him, but I don't know any of that and I only got him because it's good looking. Last night I had prepared him by - cutting and cleaning off the flash lines - sanding a few part of it so that it looks smoother - did some rough sanding on the edge of the sword so that for a bit of realism - selected the base and did a bit of sanding need to do some careful pinning for the joints, still haven't decide on how the sword arm should be positioned...

Monday, March 28, 2011

my horde of unpainted minis

Save for one that is a duplicate and planning to do her again in one year time, as a measurement of my skill level, I wanted to see if I can finish these all within this year... I had prepared 3 of them already, but I had promised to paint two for my collegues so the prep work is really just tie-overs ... I think I'd get the blue one off the stand soon and base the two mali ones soon
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