Thursday, September 26, 2013

Painting nude human figure, Reaper KS Urban Legend Sophie WIP (NSFW)

Yes I could have just air brush the whole body with skin tone, I forgot.

One of the reasons why I turned down that idea is because I don't have the right color for it, I got a very pale flesh paint as the highlight but I don't have the right color to do the shading,  that was way I stick to using dark grey and white to do this.  My other worry is that if I did use the flesh paint I can't match it with my brush on paint.  Then again, no one would have notice the difference.

Here's a very honest shot of her, the hair isn't that nicely done but it was meant only as a base coat.
The one 'artistic decision' I made is with her eye.  Her left eye really isn't that nicely done, if I were to paint it as an opened eye it would look very, very odd.  That was why I decided to paint it as closed.  I could have gave her some eye shadow according to her concept art, she doesn't wear make-up.

Yes, the nipples.  Painted for four years and it's the first time I painted nipples.  Being a guy girl's nipples are naturally my prime concern: the color has to be right.  They have to be cute, they have to arose men, they have to look like little cherry sitting on top of a milky pudding... O_o... hope no one actually read this bit but I love writing it though, haha.
Pretty proud of the shading and the highlight of the rest of the boobs, I had done a lot of boobs by now and I got the hang of it.

Same thing with her bottom. Actually I did painted her private area as well but I don't think anyone would see it.  And in fact, it's just a line down the middle painted with wash, and a few more lines down the side and thinner wash to give it a bit of color.

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