Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Basing and painting metallic, Reaper KS Urban Legend Sophie WIP

Basing is not something new to me but there's always something new to learn every time I did it.  One lesson I learn and forgot and need to relearn is: if I am going to use sand, it pays to color the sand by soaking them in paint first.  Even with air brushing getting into the cracks are hard.

Anyhow we tried out two different bases look.  because her overall shape is triangular so a smaller circular base would work better.  Although the small rectangle base would work too, but because we want to add some diorama elements to the base we opt for the circular one for its size.

One of my favorite basing material is the pumice.  It tries pretty quickly and once it tries it felt a bit like rubber, easy to trim or rub off.  It's like a paste with sand so it gives a bit of texture too.

So after smoothing it out I put some white glue and water on the surface, then I sprinkle on the sand grains.  They are suppose to be tar so the top bit should have been flat. Oh well.

The other side is suppose to be off-road area so I mixed the pumice with bigger sand grains.  It took a while of pressing them together.  Re-creating the randomness of nature is so hard.  Notice the little hand axe there :)?

It was air brushed with dark green and nato black.  The idea is that the off road area will have some grass or plants around so the rocks would have a bit of moss on them.  The tar road looks okay, although I'd make it more grey down the track.

I then applied pigments on the off road area, loving how it turns out: it looks convincing enough.

Because I had only painted the metal parts and without another other color the painted parts are not so obvious.  I guess I made it a bit too 'worn-out' or 'dirty'.  Perhaps I should take a better photo of it...  Anyway looking at it in real it looks convincing.

[[[ SHE IS DONE: http://51-cent.blogspot.hk/2013/10/Sophie-done.html ]]]
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