Saturday, April 30, 2011


Monday, April 18, 2011

Starting out on a new mini...

Dark Age's Lucky x Mello Yello

A lot of first here:
1st Dark Age mini, 1st green stuff handling, 1st contest entered
the challenge is to stick to the theme: Mello Yello, a soft drink that I had never tasted before, thank god for google
this is the first time I got a mini form Dark Age, not happy the sculpt: there's one flash line running right down the left of her face, crossed the eyeball then a bit of the lip
repainted twice the face and the dress, painting yellow is no fun. the right eye lid is a bit odd... not my best eye paint job.

the face looks like a man, i did my best to make her look like a lady

the base was a lave base, I got some green stuff to make a mud path

I think her dress looks like a banana, with the green bit at bottom and yellow body

not bad for a 3 painting sessions work :) my first attempt at a contest (no price :P) It was a very late entry, deadline was today and I knew about this last week, so I got about 6 days total and I can only paint at night :P

Simple basing....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bit like a demon now :p

Last night I got about 2 hours of work into this mini, actually had been thinking about this on my way home, I did this after I got home.

Anyway, here she is, Lucky from Dark Age, based with a modified lava base from Secret Weapon, prepped and primed (need to fix a bit)....

There is a lot of 'frist' for me here:
- First time I used Green stuff, I got that on the lava base coz there's a gap there meant as lava river
- First time I used a 0.6 mm drill head, so that I get a hole in the pistol
- First time I got a mini from Dark Age (not too happy with the face, like the proportion of the body)
- First time I got into a contest, learning process, result doesn't matter :)

These are the area that I need to go a bit creative, will be doing a bit of free hand (another first), need to decide on the color scheme

First time for me to use such a tiny drill

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ShowGirls, performer [DONE]

Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight [DONE]

hmmm, take it as part of my learning progress, but I had posted this one at fb, cmon, will be posting in wamp, hoping to get some pointers and ... frankly showing off first attempt at OSL, Flame and Lava NMM + Matelic paints for the sword, turns out ok.... don't felt like repeating myself here.... :p

Better pix tomorrow... But for now... Two more ready for CMON :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl mini, finally

  • Finally painting girls again, this one is pretty sexy

  • no eyes, but the familiar got them, so there's the practice there

  • the leather could have been black, but I think red is more ... sexy

  • would be trying to do a clean paint job with this... no more excuses!

  • the littler familiar is doing an obscene pose... hmmm

hmmmm damn! I fucked up the eye....

  • oh... I was trying to fix the white spot of the right eye but failed...

  • I kinda not really decided on how to color the leather parts, so much time was wasted there

  • the long thingy that hanging down, I was trying to the smal blending... didn't came through so well, perhaps I should do it for the cape

  • I need to fix up the lips and eye brow area, can't just wash and hope it goes away...

  • the sword was thin painted with white, I think for large area this method is better than using metalic paints...

Smooth enough for y'all?

Painting female mini is so much more interesting... Especially one that is so sexy :) side boobs and almost bear bottom. This time around i think i did a really good job sanding, priming, and with my new skill of using wet palette... I think the curves and face is much smother than any other mini i painted before :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

One fail and gone no where... One going somewhere

Ok so the eyes failed again and the face paints are too dry again The color scheme is not working either So now I need to wash her face yet again, like the 5th time already.... and use the rest of it like a base coat, or I can stick to the yello theme... I don't know... This guy is going well, I think, the flame looks a bit belivable good that I got some pointers from the pro painters the base paint was a fail, lava was not easy, will try to do it again later... tonight I think I need to fix the eye a bit, it now looks like a light bulb then base coat the rest of the mini....

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