Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some other WIP


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  2. Looks good, I really like skin colors they can be so difficult to do!
    I must say the top chick has such massive gun, I am impressed she can 1 hand it:P

    - Mallows

  3. Thanks! yea I spent a lot of time doing skin tone but I think I got the hang of it by now. these are just base coated
    should I paint some muscle for her? haha

  4. Freebooter has a 'Pirette' with multi-barrelled gun that could be interesting.
    Doing feminine skin to well, you should excel on scantly-clad female figurines; or if not so scantly-clad, surprisingly... showing :) -such as the Shadowforge / Lauging Monk "we emphatically never saw that 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' movie" Scarlet Woman [too bad her razorblades - edged fan is as thick as a waffle iron¡] or the Paloma for the new 'Carnevale' game.
    (Yes, I'm strongly biased in favor of tricornes!)


  5. I like the Paloma, love the Venice masquerade setting, but for her, I think I need to give her a face, or some good free hand on her mask...

    I got PIR 011 Spitfire (the Priette) already ^^ I am a sucker for sexy girl mini :p

  6. Given the sculpting, given her a pretty face could be more than difficult.
    As for a suitably decorated mask, indeed images-goggling for 'venice carnival mask' furnish a cornucopia of inspirational examples, some very beautiful. But then, to 'translate' such on a 30mm figurines, even either using an 'impressionist approach or 'scaling up' the minute details as when passing from that to this... What a challenge!


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