Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Additional theme for the blog - Photography

Hi Everyone.

Yes hit rates keep me going with this website so I am doing a lot to help push up the figure.

A somewhat related topic is photography, something that I almost equally love and spent a lot of resources on.  This is my usual equipment: Cannon 40D with a 100mm Macro lens.

The lens is versatile and can be used in a wide range of situation.  Here's a shot of a cute pug at my friend's place.

And here's a shot of a wooden carving, outdoor at about 10 in the morning.

Here's a shot of a cat checking me out, shot at outdoor at sun set.  Because it's a 100mm I can take this picture from a distance and can still get a lot of details of it.

And these are shots that I most often take, 3cm tall miniatures.  This one was taken at normal room lighting without tripod.  Going forward I'd get more data such as focus and exposure value.  Being a macro lens it really manage to bring out all the details there.

The following two shots were test shots when I first got the camera.  It wasn't easy getting used to it, for one thing the image can get fuzzy very easily.  By now I had already got a simple tripod to keep it stable.

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