Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elise Anya [Reaper] - Final

Yep, I painted this as a gift.

Took me about ten hours to finish.

new thing I did this time is when I base coat I lay down the mid tone first

only regret is that I haven't done the blending too well, and the boots was really too rough, but then

I like what I did with the highlight, highlighting is really something that I had done for so long now... Shadowing is a different story 


Elise Anya [Reaper] - WIP 6

Done a bit more to the base, highlighted the edges of the stone slabs... turn out ok I think

Elise Anya [Reaper] - WIP 5

This is the close to finish shot, I re-dotted her eyes with very light green.
lesson learned: use very, very light color for eyes

Elise Anya [Reaper] - WIP 4

finally got her on base
I can't decide on how to paint the goo....

Elise Anya [Reaper] - WIP 3

general mid-tone base coating....
putting in the shadows is harder than highlighting...
I'd get use to it...

Elise Anya [Reaper] - WIP 2

Dotting the eye... not too hard as her eyes are pretty big
but I ended up picking a color too dark and they didn't stand out really well.
ended up I need to dot it again after it's almost done

Elise Anya [Reaper] - WIP 1


First step is to clean the mini and remove the base that comes with it

took a while of drilling and clipping, the base is off with a bit of metal under her right shoe, so that I can drill into it for pinning

so pinning done, had her on a pin holder. Put on a cost of spray on primer, and started working on the dark lining with softbody black wash... made the mistake of adding water to the wash coz there is some ringing with larger pool of wash... oh well, another lesson learned.

Done for the first night... crappy photo though

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