Monday, October 24, 2011

Base mod - Female Fighter [Dark Sword]

From Evernote:

Base mod - Female Fighter [Dark Sword]

Hi All

This mini had been sitting in my display case for a long while, mostly because I don't like the base and don't know how to handle it.  It's a very thick solid metal base, the cloth hanging down her back makes it hard to cut, don't have a mini saw yet.
Then I had the idea of fitting it to a standard 30mm round base.

 so I started cutting away thinner part of the edge first, then worked my way in, it is about 3mm thick so I need two cuts to take away a tiny bit
really need to get around to get a saw...

Then I added some eproxy mass to the base
push the mini to the eproxy and took away the excess
so this kinda glued the mini to the base
I fitted some larger but still tiny pebbles to the edge to match with the landscape of the original base

So this is how it looks like after I had primed it with deep blue, blue is better than black coz blue is harder to see with naked eye.
So it looks okay to me now, first time I did a base with the ground level higher than the edge of the base, sort of like a raised base here.

As for the mini, I tried a new technique, while clearing flash lines (which is not a lot, good job dark sword) I cut into the 'edge' of the legs, the part where the boot join the base, so that it is easier for the wash to sink it.
the result is pretty ok,especially with the edge between the cloth and the leg on the back.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gipsy [Freebooter] WIP update

Here is the latest shot of this very challenging mini.

呢隻要最多功夫就係佢條裙, 要幫佢條裙嘅裙傘部分一片一片咁逐一上色. 因為想油白色, 所以要由淡灰色開始, 再漸進地用更淡的灰色, 一層一層的油到接近白色. 眼見部份大概油左個半鐘. Here are the many folds of her dancing dress (i am sure there is a better name for it, will fill in later)

Edit: i think it is called a batik skirt. This is the part that requie a lot of effort. As i am painting it white i need to sucessively lighten it to white.

The next part of the challenge is the fan. I think i will wash and dry brush it as a start 下一個挑戰就佢把扇, 我諗我想用稀薄D嘅油做陰影,然後用乾掃凸出羽毛嘅感覺。

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gipsy WIP [Freebooter]

From Evernote:

Gipsy WIP [Freebooter]

Mini Facial

From Evernote:

Mini Facial

So I am now working on her, and the trouble is the face is not that smooth, so rough that it looks wrinkled. 
the picture on the left is my work, the eye is a bit lifeless too
the one on the right is the box art

So good that I had a box of milliput laying around, first time i used it
I tested played it a few times already though

problem is, the slightly yellow part is a bit dried
first time I played with it, the dough was not that juice after I added water...

so I suspect it's because of the dried outer surface
I had to take them away before I use it

see how the bit on the right doesn't look that good? a bit cracked too?

but just for show here's what I did in my first round

not much of a tutorial aye? haha

This is the finished product
Probably I should have taken some more WIP pictures in between
but let's do that next time around...

The painted version

paint setup

So I don;t have a workstation, and everytime I paint I need to set up from this

To this, then pack up again after I am done...

Color pre-mixing

One of the technique that i learned but not used. Main reserve was that i thought the paint would dry but it turns out it wont dry that quickly

Here i do my favorite set of color, skin tone.
Usually i just keep on adding lighter paint until it got light enough
here I added the right pix to the little pits on the plate
then added water to thin it out

The good thing is that i can go back down the shading,

the result:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mr Hobby Surfacer (part 1)

Well finally I give in and started using spray cans, I know going this way will eventually leads me to using spray guns...

This surfacer is definitely a time safer, usually priming a mini took me an hour or so, with this it only took me minutesthe finish is a bit 'slippery' but still workable, compared to foundation paint + wash mix as prime

we'd see how it goes from here, I did something stupid with this (I thined my flesh foundation with wash)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

KD GGHunter uploaded :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Great Game Hunter [Kingdom Death] - Final set of WIP shots

This shall be the last set of WIP shots of her, the next set will be finished pix for the competition and they will be posted to WAMP, a link will be here though

To do is the base, the hair, and everything else that I can spot here....

Comments welcomed : )

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Secret Weapon Wash as glaze medium

I had been doing this for priming, using Hard Body Black with GW or Reaper foundations, this time I used it as glaze medium.

Wanted to tell everyone that this wash is good not just as a suspension wash, the wash itself is also very good as a medium.

here we have a few drops of water and a few drops of wash

The we add tip the paint into the droplets, this is what happens with water.
see they don't really mix
and here is how if we do the same with the wash
see how the paint got evenly spread out, even without stirring

I did the following for most of my blue team mini, blue wash with paint, these are the shots

See how the surface tension of water is not broken if mixed with paint
(granted that's not primed surface)
With paint added you can get some interesting color there and give better coverage than just wash.

The following is done with red

A is paint with wash
B is paint with water
C is Citadel wash
best thing Citadel wash is that it is a solution, and it sinks pretty well, but it tends to stain up the surface as well
again notice how the water thin paint still pulled itself together into a droplet.

Great Game Hunter [Kingdom Death] - WIP 3

Haha I think I just learned a new painting skill
more on that on a separate entry, but first...

I did the case on her belt in kaki a bit too much shadow at some place perhaps...
did her clothing with blue, but this time it's a mix of cold blue and blue wash from secret weapon, I think I am going somewhere with this, but really more on this later, the result is a almost teal blue, which I really like
the prime is dark grey with pure grey as highlight, so I just glaze on the mix.

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