Monday, October 24, 2011

Base mod - Female Fighter [Dark Sword]

From Evernote:

Base mod - Female Fighter [Dark Sword]

Hi All

This mini had been sitting in my display case for a long while, mostly because I don't like the base and don't know how to handle it.  It's a very thick solid metal base, the cloth hanging down her back makes it hard to cut, don't have a mini saw yet.
Then I had the idea of fitting it to a standard 30mm round base.

 so I started cutting away thinner part of the edge first, then worked my way in, it is about 3mm thick so I need two cuts to take away a tiny bit
really need to get around to get a saw...

Then I added some eproxy mass to the base
push the mini to the eproxy and took away the excess
so this kinda glued the mini to the base
I fitted some larger but still tiny pebbles to the edge to match with the landscape of the original base

So this is how it looks like after I had primed it with deep blue, blue is better than black coz blue is harder to see with naked eye.
So it looks okay to me now, first time I did a base with the ground level higher than the edge of the base, sort of like a raised base here.

As for the mini, I tried a new technique, while clearing flash lines (which is not a lot, good job dark sword) I cut into the 'edge' of the legs, the part where the boot join the base, so that it is easier for the wash to sink it.
the result is pretty ok,especially with the edge between the cloth and the leg on the back.


  1. A delicate and lengthy work for sure, but the result justifies it!

  2. thanks :)
    I found that i need to spend a lot more time preping and priming and smoothing the mini before jumping into base coating... is that how you got so good at painting? doing the basics right firsT?


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