Monday, July 22, 2013

Zombicide game play session - S10 Small Town

Tonight i try to use a whole new team to take on mission 10 small town and see how they interact, also to try them out before i put in the money and time to buy and paint nrw survivors

Wanda is in a tight spot there,  the plan is to send her away to pop open all the doors when everyone are still at blue danger level

And I think they look a lot better with transparent bases and painted

So the plan is to let Wanda very quietly run around to the other house to take the objective,  while the guys take out the other one....

Using the taunt skill, i moved two more runners into the area next to me and Boom! Molotov cocktail served~~

And.... we won. Josh (as dave) took the last objective and the game is done. Because the game didn't require an escape so the win felt a but different then other.

All in all the game really felt different with different survivors.  Wonda continues to be a star survivor with her  speed. Amy was missed for her extra move skill.  Rick 's steady hand rules!

Rick you rock!

Dakota 's taunt is very good in managing the crowd, Adriana and Marvin didn't shine at all, but i guess they will be useful across a bigger map and later down the game.  Dave's cocktails were still in hand at the end, more because my luck with the draw: i got two extra cocktails from the bottle and gasoline ~~

Painting of the zombicide miniatures

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