Tuesday, July 23, 2013

protecting the dead (zombicide miniatures)

The shipment arrived sometime ago, it's the biggest shipment I received for such a small hobby...
Zombicide is about killing zombies, a lot of them.  As the game progress there will be more and more zombies on the board: towards the end of the game one round of spawn could place about 10 zombies on the board... not to mention entering new buildings at late games.

So, for the love of the game and for the love of my hard work on painting them, I spent $29.99 to buy these foam cases.  Some of them zombies (fatty and abomination) require  a bit more spaces so I had to cut out the form between two spaces to make room for them.

Most of the other zombies fit comfortably within the spaces, the survivors didn't fit too well because of their weapons got in the way a little bit, but could fit in with a bit of help.

So instead of using these plastic trays I can very quickly throw them into the foam cases and speed up my clean up time after the game.
Bye bye egg shell~~

The official battle foam cases (US$40) could fit nicely into the box with spaces for the cards and all the miniatures, I figure that I will be adding more and more zombies to the lot and so I need a lot more space than this set can carry.  So for US$10 less now I got a lot more storage.  Granted, I suspect the quality of the battle foam cases should be better than the set I got....

Nice and affordable storage solution

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