Thursday, July 28, 2016

I made a challenge to myself and see how fast I can paint a 30mm miniature, took me 3 hours from box to this...

Haven't done something like this before, and haven't done a mini from start to finish in a shorter period of time in a long while as well.  The last two that I had done took over a year, and the diorama that I started 2 years ago is still only 70% finished.

Anyway I ran into a lot of issues, especially when some of my supplies are still not in my current workshop:

- I had to make the base as well, which I got a whole bunch of secret weapon base tucked away in storage and not with me, so I need to make due with the plastic square base that comes with the mini.

- I haven't got enough time to let the glue dry, didn't have time to let the green stuff dry, so I just pray that these won't give me trouble down the track.

- the box art is not a painted version of the mini so I need to quickly think of a color scheme, which Is am still trying to make up my mind.

- air-brushing took me a while as I need to clean the air brush before and after using, and I spent some time clean it after use so it'd be easier for me next time.

- photography is still a problem as the lighting is still a little harsh, which again took me a while.

- order of painting was wrong, I could have do the small parts first, then mid tone to make corrections, then .... should I do the shading first or highlight first... damn it.

Anyway, as I woke up this morning and took the mini under the sun to have another look, it wasn't too bad, and it had been fun.

Swordmaster of Lusia - Avatars of War
Swordmaster of Lusia - Avatars of War

Here are some progress shots, notice the Ikea clock behind the mini.  Nice clock from Ikea, affordable, simple, does the job.

Swordmaster of Lusia - Avatars of War, out of the box
What I started with straight out of the box, a 3 parts mini from Avatars of War,
I bought it from a hobby shop in Spain

Swordmaster of Lusia - Avatars of War, washed
cleaning is important, don't want the releasing agent on the mini to mess up with priming

Swordmaster of Lusia - Avatars of War, cleaning flash lines
cleaning the flash lines from the mini,
very good casting, not a lot of lines to clean

Swordmaster of Lusia - Avatars of War, basing
added some green stuff to fill in the gap on the arm,
took some sands for basing, it looks like ground now.
that took be longer than I though as I put several layer of fine sand on it

Swordmaster of Lusia - Avatars of War, ready for painting
Mounted and primed, ready for painting, 1.5 hours

#Avatarsofwar #AoW

#28mm #Fantasy #Tabletop 
#Wargaming #Magabotato

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