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Zombicide - Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor proxy project

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I guess one of the reasons why I got hooked up with Zombicide so much is because I am putting my paintjobs into play, and it's a major drive for me to try painting other miniatures that I won't normally paint.  That's good coz I need to learn how to paint guys too.

I got into this too late though, totally missed the time when this game was still on kickstarter.  I missed it THREE times actually, therefore I won't have any of the kickstarter exclusive promo survivors... For the time being proxy can still work (ie, replacement miniatures) but going forward when the zombivors kick in, ie, zombie version of the survivors, I won't that good a zombie replica of them.  Oh well.

I made my order with FRP Games, the one stop on-line miniature web store for me since I started painting. ( The shipment arrived right after my trip, excellent timing.  The sculpt for some of these are truly impressive, I hope my painting could bring out the best of them.

But for this entry, let's look at some prettier pictures of them.  Here we will talk about the reasons why they are picked as proxies.  I made one error with Rick but I love that miniature too much so I'd just let it pass.
a nice collection of miniature from famous manufacturers such as Tales of War,  Knight Games and Reaper

[[[**UPDATE** here's the line-up as of 22 Aug]]

[[[**UPDATE** here's the line-up as of 22 Aug]]

This shall be Claudia.  The Reaper model, Berkeley is good but I think the official one has a lot more character.  The official Claudia felt more noticeable and more worthy to be considered as the main character of a movie.  The resemblances are: both are female, holding a chain sword and wearing a vest.
[[[**UPDATE** She is ready to fight! ==>]]

I had an eye for this miniature from the Tales of War for a long long time.  This game gave me the perfect excuse to get her.  As it turns out Jannet is a lot taller than the rest of the crew though, but I think that fits with the 'Loud' skill Adriana got.  I haven't seen the official sculpt but aside from the pants, and the need to think about how to handle the hockey stick, I regard Jannet  as a very good proxy. The best part I think it's the attitude Jannet shows.
[[[**UPDATE** She is ready to fight!]]

Well a black one piece night nightgown is arguably more sexy then tank top plus bulky pants, for Ivy I think it's all about, again, the attitude and her weapon: a gun.  So it will take a while for me to mod the right hand, plus a bit of sculpting of the fingers, it will be fun.
[[[**UPDATE** She is ready to fight! ==>]]

Fon is almost like a fat ... brute version of Troy.  I am guessing Troy is the main guy in the comics/ TV show walking dead, a reluctant hero (or at least that's how I see him).  Fon seems to have the same kind of vibe about him.  The down side is Fon costs a lot more than the rest of the proxies... With Fon, past of the cost goes to the very neat crocodile resting behind him, and the Hell Boy alternative hand.  I guess I could make use of the spare parts in the future some how....
[[[**UPDATE** He is ready to fight! ==>]]]

Yes this is the error I made.  Originally I picked someone else but I ended up picking up officer Terrell from Reaper.  Oh well.  A local guy got too much bones on hand and he offered to see some to me at a discount, so I guess this Terrel could rest in my mini stock pile for a little while first....
I love using this Survivor, the skill 'Steady hand' would make cover fire easy and driving around a breeze.

hmm.  I didn't really care about this guy and frankly I don't like his movies either.  So I got a biker thug to be his proxy.  Mustache, two pistols, vest and jeans... close enough.  70% perhaps?

I am a Fan of Bruce here, got to love the classic like Die Hard 1 and 2, and finding him a close proxy is too hard.  So I just gave up and find a mini that can give the sense of "Tough", that's Nick's starting skill which  think would be very handy, making him very... tough.   As it turns out the facial expression is pretty close, a bit of mod needed to make him more of a zombie killer than a bruiser though.  40% perhaps?

Originally I thought of getting the Cat girl from knight models as proxy for Ivy, but I gave up that idea as it gets too expensive and I got some other close enough mini sitting around the shelf.  No idea who this El Cho is suppose to be, and I never saw his movies neither.  Need to mod a lot to make the Penguin's Thug into a non-criminal miniature.  The lower mask is a bit of a give away though...
 The other Thug in the pack will be used as Dave.  I guess I need to mod his arms into holding the cocktails, plus I need to sculpt the bottles too...
Oh well.

Yes, I admit, aside for the pose Frank doesn't look Marvin at all, in fact, one is a Caucasian and one is an African American.  But I looked for too long and I can't find one that looks 'Marvin' enough, I just have to give up. And again, Frank is more Eastwood then Jackson.

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Tales of War:
Knight games:

FRP games:
And most important of all, FRP had been my one stop shop for all my miniature needs.  Coolminiotnot shop is okay but FRP got a bigger range and better prices :)

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