Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reaper KS Urban Legend Sophie WIP - putting the parts together (NSFW)

Well, due to the Reaper forum rule I can't post any of the nude photo of Sohpie, even if all the 'good bits' are not showing, I'd have to post them here at my blog.

One lesson I learned and took to heart is that always try putting the parts and the mini to the base before painting, remember how they should fit together before painting them.  The most important thing about Sophie here is that her bottom doesn't touch the seat, and the belly of the bike doesn't touch the base.  Therefore the bike is lifted by the front wheel of the bike and her right leg.

Got to give the sculptor credit for paying attention to the tensed muscle (should be the Biceps Femoris) of the right leg, that is a very nice touch.

The forearm isn't as well done as the legs though. The forearm is much smaller than the gloves to start with, but granted if I am brave enough I could have used green stuff to fill in the gap there.

Here are a few more shots of her before I put the wings on.
[[Here's the entry on the wings]]
[[and here's the entry on the base]]

I got to admit that I was wrong  about the wings at first.  At first I never really liked putting the wings on, but now that I had seen this, I think having the wings balanced front and back of the figure, and added a lot of character to her.

I tried doing some skid marks on the base but it seems pretty hard to get it right, given the base being so dark, so I gave up.
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