Friday, August 30, 2013

now with Ad Sense~~!


After applying for Ad Sense approval 5 times I finally got it running!

First off I was refused due to content, my first suspicion is because when I add links to other hobbies sites I copied some of the content of the site's introduction, so perhaps the bot thought that I was copying from other sites.

Then I got the message saying that the content is not easily recognized by the ad sense bot, so I write a lot longer blog entries with a lot of repeats on key words.  A good side effect of this is that I did manage to get on the first page of google image search result, and the top blog entry hit for some key words.  So I guess that brought along higher hit rates too.

I was again refused due to navigation issues, so I removed all the useless links. As I was doing that a thought hit me: I could try adding the widget for Ad Sense in place first, to see if that helps.

So after all these tweaking I got the email this morning saying that my application had been approved~~!

I guess it's the key words that really matters.  So from now on I'd add another spin to this blog: macro photography.  It has a lot to do with how the miniature is presented here, and it also took a lot of effort to get a picture right.  So watch this space guys.

Other highlights:

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