Friday, August 16, 2013

Zombicide - basing the runners

One problem moving the zombies is that runners got an extra move/ attack.  when the board started to get crowded it becomes harder to spot them, aside from their pose of course.  But in Season 2 there will be more special zombies such as toxic zombies and so it would become more important to tell them apart quickly.

"Runner. Amped up for some reason, these guys move twice as fast as Walkers. Each Runner has two Actions per activation, while all other Zombies only have one."

So I had the idea of ordering a bunch of transparent blue base from Litko (  So then the survivors and the runners got this special, thicker bases.  But as I start to love the game more and more I started to paint up some more proxy for the promotional survivors. so instead of 6 survivors I got about 20 of them.

As an alternative, I reclaimed the bases from the set of runners and started air brushing the transparent 20mm bases into clear blue.
(link to the 20mm bases:

based up

thinned down a little...

Each of these takes only a minute or so, it's kinda fun

I missed one when I was air-brushing, so I just use the brush to work it...
didn't turn out well but this give me an idea on what to do with the toxic zombies.

here's a comparison between the air-brushed ones and the custom made ones.
The custom made ones are of course a lot better looking.

I guess it turns out okay when it hit the board.  
It is more consistent for the zombies to use the same kind of disc as base.

Litko Game Accessories

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