Friday, August 23, 2013

Troy's Proxy (part 1) - Zombicide Kickstarter Exclusive survivor proxy miniature

The fast and easy way to paint is to use air brushing a lot.  First is to lay down a layer of shadows at spots that doesn't catch much light, like the inner fold of vest, area under the arms, in between the legs, neck, etc 
by the way, these are pictures taken with my mobile so they looks a bit off and the color isn't too rich.  Will have better pictures in the next post.
Nato Black

Then depending on whether I want to play with lighting, in this case no, air brush thin layers of white or light color.  Here I just used flat white.  I was again in a rush coz I am not feeling confident with my last paint job, so I stopped there.  What I could have done, is to air brush the base coat for them.  I think it will do that for the guy in suit as that's what the mini is all about, his suit.
Tough guys

 One thing that made me proud of myself is how I had done his skin.  From my collection of Vallejo Pigments I mixed black pigment with white pigments together to from a grey pigment.  Then I lay it down with a very thin skin paint.  While the paint is still wet, I applied another layer of pigments on it.  In hindsight I could have mix muddy brown with black to create the sense of dense hair at lower part of the head.

 What I had also down is I had and thin painted the skin areas too.  The light/shadow air brushing function as a guide and also the dark paint at the shaded area makes painting on deeper skin tone color easier.

Then I painted the vest, again that's something made me very proud of it. Thanks to the air brushing the highlights are already there.  So most of the painting was really to paint the shading area.  After that's done I mixed the paint with white and done the highlights.  I again used the pigment to give the vest more textures to make it looks like suede leather. I had painted the shot gun while I was paint the two girls. There's a gap between the wrist band and the arm, that's where they connect.  I'd fix that up after I connect the other arm.

**UPDATE! he is done! check it out!***

Vallejo Pigments

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