Friday, August 2, 2013

Zombicide, strategising - C8 Belly of the Beast

After playing for a few months now, and now that I got a lot more survivors to choose from, I think it is important to have a strategy even before the start of the game.  With more survivors to choose from I can pick exactly who would be best to execute the strategy.

C8 Belly of the best is something different.  instead of just killing any zombies  and stay alive, this scenario requires trapping the Abomination.

[Photo pending]

Good thing is I don't have to avoid hurting it, as the scenario requires removal of the cocktail, bottle and gas from the pile. (so no fun for you Dave)

Find the bunker key. pick up the objectives  until I  find the green objective, ie 1 in five chance
Lure the Abomination into the bunker.
Lock down the bunker with the Abomination inside 'using' the green Objective.
Flee! Reach the Exit

Not much to ask really, haha.

my pick of survivors for this mission
This is the 'utility' unit, Adriana to lure or manage the zombies, Josh to dive and slip among the zombies for the objectives, then Wanda to zoom around the map to pop open doors.
Loud was favored over Taunt because the area of effect actually cover the entire may, the problem is of course the zombie movement is resolved AFTER her turn.  So with Taunt I can actually 'pull' a crowd of zombies into range while Loud takes effect after everyone are done.

The hit team.  Rick was chosen for 'cover fire' while the utility unit can do their thing, Claudia will handle melee  while Eva handle long range attack.  Last time I used Eva under a false understanding of the skill, so this time I won't make the same mistake.

This is the map.  Right at the start the Abomination will pop up on any of the spawn spots, so I can't anticipate and plan for that  now.  The key (green objective) is one of the red objectives, so I can't really plan for that either.

what I can plan, is which door to pop open so I can secure the escape route first, ie the south east house.  I will pop the right door open first, because that is the furthest from all the four other spawn spots, thus allowing more time clear out the South East house (SE house).
We can imagine that the exit spot is a stairway and they can reach the roof for a helicopter rescue.

While we are clearing the SE house,  Wanda will be popping open the other doors.  We will split the team a bit to provide cover fire... depending on the luck with the spawning.  Then of course, I can  get lucky and the first red objective is the key.

After diving into the East and North East building, and in case we still can't find the key, we will start popping the other ones... the team icon is where the main team will be to watch the utility unit's back.
Looking at the map now, I think if worse come to worse and the key is at the South West corner, it will be a deep dive for Josh and he needs to pop himself out through the lower door.

There's no point to lure the Abomination into the house unless I got the key first.
in any case, the plan to lure will be like this. Adriana needs to leave after the Abomination into the house, leave, then someone outside would need to lock the door.
The team could get to the exit zone within one turn, but someone needs to stay with Adriana.  She needs at 6~7 moves before she could get out.  Too bad her life saver skill is not on someone else's dashboard.

So we will see how those go down.  one thing about Zombicide is that there is a lot of luck involved: dice roll on killing zombies, drawing card for equipment and spawning card dealing.  Now with this scenario it is even more random with random spawn and map key... We shall see how it goes :)

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