Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Claudia's Proxy - Zombicide Kickstarter Exclusive survivor proxy miniature

You know, this miniature could have been very sexy and I could have used a much more ... attractive miniature than Berkeley.  But I kind of running low on cash and the order of these proxy stacks up pretty fast,so I had resort to use a more ... standard miniature from Reaper.  Besides, I favor ranged weapons over melee, so I don't have much love for Claudia.

and what could have been....

and what I ended up with.  It was another late night and I started after 1am.  I see this as a speed painting challenge and see what I can come up with within a short time... After painting her up, I found that Berkeley is actually a fine, balanced miniature, the level of detail is pretty balanced, there are spots that are not as good and pretty hard to get into, but overall it's a very good modern days post apocalyptic survivor miniature.

She was done in two nights.  I picked her out of the group because there isn't too many flat or large surfaces. Covering off larger area really call for air brushing.  I like how the yellow turns out, I got a bit carried away with the black + yellow mix so the shadow area looks more dirty than shadow.  

The pigment didn't do the trick this time as it behave more like thick paint than dust. But there's still the texture happening.  The footprint is a bit bigger than I had expected, perhaps my next batch of base need to be a bit bigger... or just get two sizes of blue bases...

Check out the rest of the Zombicide Kickstarter Exclusive Proxy project!

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