Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zombicide game play session - C02 Under Siege

The scenario require us to clean off all zombies, survive through all the spawn cards and kill off all the zombies that pops up.  By going through the deck it means no need to shuffle when the last card is drawn.  I cut the deck into smaller piles and it comes down to 7 piles,

That means 7 rounds

These are the plans I made for this game.

First we consider where we should station at, what are the areas that we can hit, and how does the zombies get close to us.  the red arrow means the full force, the pink arrows means half the force.
The yellow blast icon means the rooms that we can hit if we split our team into two

Then we also consider the Line of sight because of the skills like Taunt and the Rifle,  having good line of sight can keep them at bay or easier to manage the crowd.

In case they break our defense we will have to go melee, the following shows what are the forces that we would face.  All in all we think it's best to station in the starting point, and the room upper right to the starting point.

Game board ready and game start!
We take a group shot before anyone got hurt.  I think it would be amazing if i can swap their weapons to show what they are carrying, but nah... got better stuff to do.
Introducing Kim's proxy - Colette by wyrd miniatures. 

Slightly off my plan but for the fun of it, i set the team into a flat line instead of two groups.

Survival tip: watch each other's back

As it turns out, since i got a lot of guns from S02, they are killing very fast and no zombie even got close for melee attacks.  Eva (proxy) is cleaning up the map very fast even with just a rifle and of course,  plenty of ammo.  So even when it was getting very crowded as we progress they got cleanned off within the round.

This is a frightening moment when so many runner came around... but the fear is gone when they got finished off very quickly

Amazingly ranged weapons kept them at bay, 5 rounds of spawning at orange level and still the house is not so crowded.If i were to change or increase the difficulty i'd probably add a few doors or objectives so the survivors got forced to spread out a bit...
two more stacks to go!

The Abomination  finally appeared second last stack, but it isn't exciting or frightening at all as i still have two cocktails on hand.

That's how powerful she is, from one turn of shooting that's how many kills ahe scores.  The +1 die roll and plenty of ammo also ensure a hit , but that push the game to red level, my first time in a long while now, when the game is at red level it get very messy.
(note: i got the skill wrong, it was +1 to die roll result, not +1 die :p)

The last spawn... Four fatty spawn: it calls for 12 zombies to appear on the board at the same time. Didn't run out of zombies as we kill them off so fast, they didn't hang arond the baord long enough.  With two cocktails in hand, amy grab one off Phil and thrown it at the fatties gathered near the doorway.  And yes, all one in one huge fire.

The bright side of zombies, that zombie in bunny suit there is one of my favorite,  she is actually almost good enough to be painted as a survivor,  but her face lack the expression as a survivor. Now she remains as a sexy zombie 

And... we are done. To be honest because we are so well equipped it was a bit boring,  there was no close call, no one got hurt.

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