Monday, August 19, 2013

Ivy's Proxy - Zombicide Kickstarter Exclusive survivor proxy miniature

I have another trip lined up at the end of month so I was in a rush again.  I can always go back to them of course but I guess it won't be soon.
The miniature I painted this time is Ainara, from the Street collection of Tales of War.

So she comes with a tiny base with a few bricks on the ground, it's pretty good actually.  I was a bit surprised that she comes with a Katana.  Actually if I haven't picked her as the Sniper girl the katana would make her look awesome too.

There's a number on her card, I guess this might have been a limited edition.

 The first step is to get her a hand.  Modifying the two hands the comes with her would be impossible.  So, ironically I took a hand from my plastic zombies box and fit in it.  The scale looks pretty close.

this was the original idea I had for her, having the gun over her shoulder.  But later on I haven't went with this idea because changing the hand into gripping the rifle is just too hard for me.

I was a bit stuck on her to do army green, but then after a while I figured out how: just do the shadow for a 'washed' effect.  I think it works.

 So looking at this picture I guess I already lost interest half way through, her upper body scale is a bit off, her lips is a bit too big, the hair is a bit messy, the half coat is too big... etc etc. I did manage to rest the sniper rifle comfortable on her hand though.
I guess all of the survivors could use a bit of dark lining....

 and from now on, I should really use more air brushing.... air brush for the base coat then highlights then hand brush on the details... the time for masking would really pay off.

Check out the rest of the Zombicide Kickstarter Exclusive Proxy project!

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