Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Troy's Proxy (part 2) - Zombicide Kickstarter Exclusive survivor proxy miniature

Well, not that there's anything wrong with it, I am not gay. Having said that, I am very happy when painting this guy. Male muscle is so much easier than female bodies, especially for this tough guy with strong muscles. So with the dark and light spray painting method the contrast is really happening here.  When I hold him in my hand, for the very first time my eyes told me that I am holding something much bigger than the miniature: the higher contrast created the illusion of size.

By the way, it is very hard to look for quality and detailed miniature fitting for modern days (or post apocalyptic) 30 mm miniatures.  I think from all I had seen so far, tales of war has the best and most detailed men and women miniatures.  Frankly some of the face is a bit off , I'd put that down as artistic styles, but in general they are of outstanding quality and details.
"More zombies?"
One small regret is that I really should have gone all the way with the air brushing.  By that I mean using air brushing the skin and pants before starting brush work. My problem now is I had invested so much on Reaper's paint and I really don't want to invest yet again in another line of paint, being paints for spray paints.  Yes they say the paint is also good for air brush, but alcohol based paints are a lot easier to handle than water based ones.
He is very heavy because of his size
 Again I haven't done the final highlights to him, I figure that I will go through all of the zombies and survivors and go back to them.  I am using them all as game pieces anyway and interested to see how general gaming wear and tear does to these miniatures.  Also I need to learn how to spray paint protective varnish on them later on...  Metal miniature gives the good feeling of sturdy and weight when moving it around, but they also chips other metal miniature easily.  Without varnish I am guessing it will get damaged easily.
Got to be proud of the middle bit of that vest

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