Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Game Hunter [Kingdom Death] - WIP

Hi everyone

this is for the WAMP KD competition, I got her before the competition anouncement so I didn't get the discount : ( and I got it from CMON

it's hard to show the face properly in the other pic, so here's a close up, I like how it turns out, but overall the iris will look pale and small

This is where I am up to as of last night, see how the eye turns out very strange?
most of the base coat is done, can't resist doing the clothing on her chest, hi-res grey as white
I won't re-do the eyes (75% chance I won't)...

This is the back, the cloak is something of a pat on the back for myself (ignore the two dots of moldline please... note to self, basse coat then white dry brush to get all the moldlines =..=)
I did sucessive highlighting with thin paint, it comes out well, with so much practice I am pretty comfortable with red, brown, blue and skin tone haha

not so happy with the sculpt of the armored boots, but I think i did okay with it

So this is what I started with last night, I did the face first, at this light the eyes are pretty okay actually.

So the first task is to pin her to the base

That is a 0.03mm brass wire, I drilled a .04 hold on the bottom of her boot and stick it in

Actually it is easier to handle than I thought, but had to be very carful...

didn't drill straight up as I fear it would shot through the boot, so it was in at an angle,

the little bit of brass wire was shown, bit of black took care of it

The base is a secret weapon base, I had to coarsely fill down the middle bit coz the whole things looks more like moss than sand, or perhaps it was meant to be moss, anyway, I want the middle to be sand. Again, great base from secret weapon.


  1. woah! looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

  2. Thanks :)

    by the way, thanks for making this mini, had a very good time painting them ^^


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