Monday, May 9, 2011

Eyes and face base coat


  1. Great mini. You sure are improving your skills on every mini you paint. Try to take a pic with foucs on her face, show us the eyes:)

  2. thx man!! yes this is the first time I thin paint right from the start... but this morning under sun light I can see that her eye is not 'pop' enough... so I think I need to dark line it a bit...

    any tip? I am thinking of GW flash wash, or secret weapon soft body black (which I don't like coz it's shiny).... but with GW wash I am bound to got some on her face and I need to cover up with the foundation again (ie less thin :( )

  3. When painting eyes I can recommend you to start by painting the whole eye black, then doing the white parts leaving a thin line of black. It´s a easy way to get good looking eyes. Otherwise it can look like you have used a lot of makeup, and that´s not always the look you are after. But since you already have painted the eyes, try to use a really thin black wash as paint and draw the line around the eye, but on the inside. do you follow my thoughts? Good luck and show us when you are done:)


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