Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Astrid - repainted for the love of the hobby - part 2

Not only had I washed it to the metal, I had also removed a lot more mold lines as well, one regret, looking back, is that I should have give her face some more sanding and perhaps even use miliput to smooth it out
Different from last time, her prime was done with spray on primer, much, much easier.


As always I had done the face first. This time around I did the base coat of the hair and face first.  Reason is that the hair is always very close to the eyes and face, if I had done the eyes painting the hair is nerve racking.
and this time, I use a whole bunch of minor techniques I learned from experience, I am proud to say that I am happy with how her eye turns out.  next level is to dot the pupil will have to wait for the next one though...


this time around, I out a lot more effort into base coating her, putting wash here and there so that I won't forget the details.

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