Thursday, October 10, 2013

Making boulders with paper clay 1/2 - Reaper Sci-fi Sophie diorama WIP

To give the little robot a place to stand and to add more levels to the 'sci-fi' side of the base, I will put in a collapsed structure like so.  That's the best I can think of, not only it made it more interesting, it doesn't cover the details on the flat base as well.

Then I glued two pieces of card stock to the left side, then made some large boulders using paper clay.  I put some lubricant on the inner sides of the card stock so that it won't stick to the paper clay too much.  Hope it works.  Notice the little hole in the lower mid section of the pile, that is suppose the liar of the ferret

In my mind the story goes like this: the launch pad was built at the bottom of a valley and serve as a 'pit stop' for quick repair work.  After it was abandoned there was a landslide and covered half of the base with boulders.  Then years and years of more sand and weather it looks like part of the neighboring hill.

So to create a more realistic land I mixed the pumice with water and sand, then I pour the mix on the paper clay.

Before it dries they actually looks like chunky sauce.  Before everything dried I made a place for the ferret to stand.  The idea that I am trying to convey is that this little guy is standing right outside of the liar to see what is getting near its home.

This shot was taken the morning after, the mix was completely dried and it looks a lot less thick.  I guess I need to add some more pumice on the base and various spots tonight.

Background is a bit confusing though, but this gives an idea on how the whole thing looks like when put together.  I photoshop my hand out so actually the mini is not attached to the base yet.
[[[ for closer to finish looks of the boulders, please visit:  ]]]

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