Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reaper Limited Edition Sci-fi Sophie diorama - the miniatures

This will be my biggest diorama yet, I am posting this on a few different forums hoping to get more inputs from all the great miniature painters out there.

First let's take a look at the miniature in the unpainted Reaper Sophie
so a beauty
and a short description of her:
Reaper Con 'SciFi' Sophie '07 (Limited Edition, Discontinued), 1504
Reaper Con figures, like this one, were only available during the week of ReaperCon, in this case May 17-20, 2007, and were not made available to distributors. Furthermore, after the week of the show, the mold is retired and no additional figures are cast. We have a very limited supply of these beautiful, rare pieces. This 25mm scale figure was featured on the cover of Reaper's Casketworks catalog #22 and displays a clever combination of SciFi and classic fantasy.

So, to make this a bit more appealing, I used a Japanese anime character [name] to spice up the imagery before things got more interested.
Say 'Hi Yotsubato'

Hi everyone
Here's the Sophie I will be working on this time.  She comes with a scenic base, she looks as though she is standing on a pile of construction material and looking downwards.  So similar to what we did for KS Sohpie's setting, we try to think of something for her to look down at.

I had separated her from the base with a carving knife.  Now you can see her face, very pretty, the area near her left arm will be tricky though.  I always felt that her gun is a bit short but when I put the wings back on her she looks just fine.

Next we have this little ferret, also from Reaper.  That is the reason why Sophie is looking down.  But now the problem is, what is the ferret looking at? It's too hard to change the direction of the head so...

So to match Sophie's sci-fi outfit I got this 'remote' form Infinity Miniatures (Nasmat remotes).  This little guy would be what the ferret is looking at.  I believe in telling a story with every picture so with this diorama I want to make the story complete by matching all of the character's 'expression'

[[She is done:]]
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