Friday, October 25, 2013

Reaper LE Sci-fi Sophie diorama - the 4th character

 If you recall, there was only one drone on the ground, looking at the ferret.  But his body language is saying that he is disctracted by the ferret, so that means he was suppose to be looking at something before the ferret pops up from his lair... hence I give made that 'something.
By the way, the drones are actually Nasmat remotes from Infinity Miniatures

The story goes: the fallen drone landed on the rock slide at the site, but he slipped! He fallen to the the hard ground of the launch pad, the raised part of the base broke his right hip joint and its right arm.  The ferret came out, saw the broken arm laying around, he went over to pulled it off and carried it to its lair.
The drone send off distress signal and the other drone landed, observing its fallen friend.  Suddenly the arm fall off from the ferret's grip and attracted the attention of the drone, all the while Sohpie came descending down from above....

I had to cut off its right leg at the joint or else he doesn't look like he is in distress.  I then put a pin (short portion of a paper clip) to connect the leg to the body.  As I imagine there should be wires running between the limbs and the body, I glued some very thin wires to the arm and the joint, hopefully they would look convincing enough.

oh by the way, my little assistant took a break so she didn't make an appearance this time.

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  1. Your'e doing some real intresting scen there. I can't wait to se it all painted. And by the way, nice weathering on the wall. Keep up the good work!


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