Thursday, October 24, 2013

Forum entry - Reaper BONES and their release of metal miniatures

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The original entry

Hi guys

at the risk of being hated by the admin, I'd still say it...

I started painting miniatures 4 years ago, only painting as a hobby rather than gaming, so I quickly moved away from Games Workshop and moved to Reaper, Wyrd, Freebooter etc.  At first I was very excited to find Reaper, with the wide range and very beautifully sculpted miniatures (especially the girls) and I remember emailing Reaper to asked if I got the price right, cause it's such good value.

So then on, I go to the website very now and then.  I remember Reaper push out 5 - 10 new minis every month, those were happy times.  Until after the first BONE campaign started, then it all dies down a lot. These days, there are hardly as many updates as there were a few years back.

So I finally got my hands on the first BONE miniatures, and I am sorry to say this: most of them are not too well done.  I mostly paint girls so the face matters a lot.  I got some the pewter version of some of them so I can do a direct comparison, not only the pose of the mini changed, their face changed too.  I can give examples photos but I really rather not.  I wish this is only isolated incidences that I happen to get a less than well done batch.  It goes without saying that I would only buy the pewter minis.  If one day Reaper choose to produce only BONES, then... I hope not.

I understand you got what you paid for and metals are becoming more expensive and all, so I am not complaining about the quality of the BONES, I am just writing to say that I wish Reaper could focus less on them and give pewter a few more resources. 
Responses that I had responded to

Carnacki the Ghost Finder, on 15 Oct 2013 - 02:13 AM, said:
I have just finished painting a HUGE metal beast and many times I thought: man I wish this weren't so heavy. 

And when I paint a little Bones person I think: it mostly looks the same, but where's the heft?

That made a lot of sense actually, I didn't get to see the bigger BONES 'miniatures' coz I don;t think I am good enough to make them look big.  Chances are, if I paint a giant griffin with a rider, people would just think I painted a normal size bird with a tiny rider...

anyway the BONE dragons look awesome, and yea that's not possible with metal.  But then look all all the plastic model kit GW is pushing out, those are almost like action figures rather than 'miniatures'. Would BONES be heading towards that path? I don't know and I hope not.

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