Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reaper LE Sci-fi Sophie diorama setup

Here you'd need a bit of imagination reading this, and try to 'photoshop' my finger out of the picture....

There are a few main objectives here.  First off there has to be three main elements to the diorama: the nature, the sci-fi base and the Sophie. Each of them as to have about equal portion of the base.  So for the first mock up, i did the following.

As it turns out, it seems that there won't be enough space for the sci-fi element to occupy, plus the base area would look pretty odd if it is all sand and ground.

The other objective is that Sophie got a very nice and detailed back side, and her face is looking downward.  So if she is 'flying' or suspended too low people can't see that clearly enough.  So after a lot of clipping and snapping I pretty much divided the launch pad into two half and set everything in place, like so.

[[see the latest progress of this diorama here:]]
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