Friday, July 26, 2013

Zombicide game play session - S02 YZone

Zombicide is actually a tactic heavy game, with a lot of turn and items management required to keep everyone alive.  This time I am playing two scenario one after another, so it calls for a lot of planning and tactical thinking to make sure that the survivors got enough gear to survive the second stage, keeping the kill count low and everyone alive.

This was how the first round turns out.

About S02
"The living are losing ground. The pockets of resistance fall one after another, and our CB radio,
once bustling with messages, is now silent. We must leave. The zombies are growing in numbers, and our supplies are getting scarce." 
• Reach the Exit Zone shown on the map with all Survivors.

simply put: leave town. the simple objective actually wasted a lot of the map.  If I don't have to use the same set of survivors in stage 2, I won't really need to search for so many weapons, simply

Snack and soft drinks ready :)

About choices of survivors
Picked Kim for her lucky skill and webbing, so down to stage 2 of the game she can do both ranged and melee

Zombie management, good for getting zombies closer for killing, or to take the crowd away from other survivors.  +1 die roll could be helpful too.  

Action girl, must have.  good for getting around and at Orange zone she can score a lot of hits

Ranged attack specialist, depends more on luck though

basically a surprise attack element, also very important for popping doors alone as he can slip through dangers, vital for S02 with all those doors.  hope he can still contribute in stage 2

Cover fire for melee attackers, loving the steady hand skill

Notice I had not picked any of the 'start with xxx' or free search survivors: this is a long game and those skills are more suited for short quick game or where you don't get a lot of chance of room searching.

Before the proxy are ready these are the tie over: I placed the picture of the original survivors on the card. The e draw back is that the design of the miniature got hints of their skills so without that, i think i forgot about applying skill like "lucky" times.

First phase is to clear the house right next to entry point (House 1) and to get as much equipment as possible.

Phase two is to burst into the house next to House 1 (House 2).  House 2, I think, would be harder to defend than House 1.  If I go into House 1, so long as I don't open the doors on the long side of the building the zombies will be stopped and need to detour over the east door.  This give me more time for searching.
The dot represents rare guards.  So the survivors would first gather at this location first, and let some of them go into house 2 and guard their back while they clear house 2

First we bust out of House 1

then we kill our way through House 2

Once House 2 was cleared everyone would either stay at the south doorway inside or outside of House 2 and make a dead run for the exit. I figured that by this time they would have all made it to blue level and can do four actions in a turn.
then we make a dead run for the exit~

So let's take a group shot before anyone got hurt.

We pop open the side door of house 1, the spawn isn't too bad.  but between the six of us there is only one pistol... one axe and one crowbar, so it got swapped around A LOT.

Finally after a lot of passing around weapons we clearned the house, and by round 6 we are a lot better equipped.  I ran by the rule of only allow one search per room per round so it took a longer while to be well equipped.

Moving out of house 1
The most dramatic moment is how we took care of the abomination.  At her last move Eva picked up a Molotov cocktail from the ground.  Ned saw that, he grabs sit off her and in smooth action thrown it at the abomination and fatty right outside the door.  The bottle hit the skull of the monster and flame erupted, the abomination and the rest of the zombies.

Getting into house 2 was easy, it is right across the street.  Once the door was popped open a few of us rushed in to clear the room.
"Hello ladies "  Josh tear down the door and greeted the lady zombies inside, against the background noise of his roaring chain saw...

With a rifle in hand, eva is a long range killing machine. She stood guard at the entrance of House 2 keep approaching zombies at bay.

In Zombicide, being cocky could get u killed... With her last move in the round Amy step out and shot at the Runner: she missed and ended her turn with the runner in the zone right in front of her. As Runner can make two moves per turn, he ran up the Amy and struck her.  As bad luck goes the extra activation card was drawn, the runner struck again and three more runners joined in the feasting furry...
It all happened while the rest of the survivor team staring at the door way of house 2

Killing the band of runners was easy for the team.  After that Ned was first to arrived, followed by
the rest of the team.  Eva and Phil got the highest kill count, with Eva at 17 and Phil at 16, followed by Ned at 13

Next stage: C2 Under siege

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