Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dice Tower - scratch built with card stock (part 1)

due to my passion for the board game zombicide, and to prepare for the metal dices, I decided to design and build my own dice tower.

This is actually the prototype of my dice tower, but as it goes along i felt that this actually looks good enough as the final product.  But since I am going on a trip soon this would have to do for the time being...

took me a while to figure out to add some spin to the dice as it gets through the tower.  My thinking is that if it is just a slope it would just roll and there's no spin to the dice.

but if I angle the slope to the corner it might just do a turn and kind of did a half spin. the important part of the dice tower is to add more randomness to the dice roll.

at first I didn't want to add the rubber non- slip mat, but after a few tests it seems the rolling is not too random and only then to flip the dice to the other side.  The added benefit is that the rubber mat adds some bounce to the fall.

Here's the dice tower in action.  After seeing some other guys did it with wood I am seriously thinking of getting this done with wood... Afterall it felt a lot more solid as I use it...

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