Friday, July 5, 2013

Zombicide - game play

This is my current obsession.
After days of online research into the game play of this, and watch quite a few video on how it actually is played... I decided to buy it.

Very delighted to find that my local hobby shop actually sell this too, so I brought it right here in Hong Kong, helped a small business and bought my first board game in more than 15 years...

It is a miniature and cards based game, the players use the survivors to run around the board, fulfilling objectives and out run or kill the zombies.  Because the zombies are controlled by a very simple formula (move towards noises and players, attack whatever near) it can be played as a one player game. (yes, lonely board gamer here....)

The game centers upon the survivors really.  How the player pick the team means life of death, each of them got different combination of skills, which make them all unique pieces.
The most interesting aspect of the game is the leveling up mechanism.  The more zombies the survivor killed, the more skill the survivor would gain... but that also means more zombies will hit the board.

So the fun thing is that I can use all six, myself, alone, against a board full of zombies. 

This is common sight on the board towards the end of the game.  As the killing stacks up more zombies will spawn... and sometimes killing them is not that easy.
That also push for me to buy more zombies miniatures... (LINK)
and because I want to add to the realism I had replaced all the boring plastic base with transparent ones, and special colored ones for survivors and 'runners' (LINK)

The board are floor plans of city blocks and roads, the zones are big and allow a lot of pieces to be in the same zone... movement is easy but sometimes I'd lose count of the number of moves made...

all in all, I love it

and I love it so much I already painted all of the survivors, table top quality but still, they look awesome after painted
Looks like a movie poster aye?

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