Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gipsy [Freebooter] WIP update

Here is the latest shot of this very challenging mini.

呢隻要最多功夫就係佢條裙, 要幫佢條裙嘅裙傘部分一片一片咁逐一上色. 因為想油白色, 所以要由淡灰色開始, 再漸進地用更淡的灰色, 一層一層的油到接近白色. 眼見部份大概油左個半鐘. Here are the many folds of her dancing dress (i am sure there is a better name for it, will fill in later)

Edit: i think it is called a batik skirt. This is the part that requie a lot of effort. As i am painting it white i need to sucessively lighten it to white.

The next part of the challenge is the fan. I think i will wash and dry brush it as a start 下一個挑戰就佢把扇, 我諗我想用稀薄D嘅油做陰影,然後用乾掃凸出羽毛嘅感覺。

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